About Us

This website for ask and answers questions those help you to get the right answer. My name is Mohamed Hussein and I am the create of this website if you want to contact me never shy and use the blue message on the last of this page. socodso is for ask questions and answers. Who doesn’t need one of those? It seems like a good idea, but there are some questions that may not have a clear answer. For example, if someone asks “what is the meaning of computer?”, it can be hard to give them an answer. But never fear – there are plenty of websites that offer their take on the perennial question with varying degrees of certainty and helpfulness. Interestingly, the Internet has its own answer for this question. It’s a website that allows you to ask your own question and then see a myriad of answers from other visitors. The question can be anything on technology, although it is most often used as a way of seeking revenge on an ex-spouse. This site is a fun and interactive way to ask questions. You can also ask questions anonymously on socodso.

The content creator will answer the question in a video, or with text. socodso is great place to learn something new!
This site was made to help people who feel like they don’t know anything without having any information on anything! On socodso website, you can create an account and ask questions about any topic that you would like! The answers are often in videos or text format. socodos is the best website for Somali’s people to get those answers if you have any question feel free and ask you will enjoy on it, socodso designed by the best question and answer website to don’t feel the user any problem when he on this website.
This for every one and specially for Somali people where ever they are around the world because the main reason for making this site is for the Somali people never mind what ever you are you can enjoy it as well as the Somali’s people.